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Mrs. Tricia Hercules-Parris

Director | Individual, Couples & Family Therapist

Tricia is a trained & qualified Social Worker with a BSc. Degree (Hons) in Social Work and trained concentrations in Children, Family & School Social Work, Sexual Reproductive Health Education & HIV & AIDS.

Her career as a therapeutic counsellor & psychosocial professional for just over 10 years has encouraged strategic partnerships between Bright Life Family Centre (BLFC) and other organisations with similar goals, i.e. to help improve the lives of individuals, couples and families.

One such partnership has given her the opportunity for a number of years, to work with the Adolescent and Young Mothers Programme at the Barbados Family Planning Association, helping to build the programme's infrastructures particularly the Psychosocial component and catering to the psychosocial needs of numerous young mothers, (affected by trauma, crime, SRH issues, poverty, low confidence & self-worth among others), with the use of therapeutic counselling and other effective psychosocial interventions.

Being a trained visual artist has also led her to incorporate her love for the creative and expressive arts into BLFC's special therapeutic and educational service programmes. 

She’s fun, witty, devoted to God and to doing His will. She loves justice and is totally in love with the work she does daily helping her clients to thrive! 

(246) 264-9109

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