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Expressive Therapy

Customisable Intervention Programme for Children & Adults | Ages 4+.

This programme is suitable for both children and adults and explores a creative and expressive world of therapy with interactive sessions geared towards improving self expression, improving self confidence and tackling behavioural, emotional and psychological issues that children and adults encounter.

For Adults this programme offers a combination of Psychotherapy and Art Therapy and for Children the combinations of Psychotherapy, Play Therapy and Art Therapy.


Catering to: Children ages 4yrs - 17years | Adults 18+

First Sessions are 1 hour 15 mins in length and all session thereafter are 1 hour.

Costs Ranges between $155 and $175

Children: $165 (First Session) / $155 (Sessions After)
Adults: $175 (First Session) / $165 (Sessions After)

Dates and times are chosen via our online booking form. Sessions are by Appointment only.

Based on Counsellor's Availability and Client's Schedule. 10 Week Duration.


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