Our trained, professional, therapeutic counsellors work with individuals, couples, families and groups (children to adults), offering a range of traditional and non-traditional counselling & therapeutic services. All of our methods are scripturally and or morally based and take a wholistic approach by supplementing growth in the major areas of clients development.

BLFC's proven methods are specially designed to help all clients engaged in counselling, develop efficient life and coping skills so that they can function at their best during difficult situations. They learn to lay the foundation for change and personal development while creating balance and healthy self-management.


Here are just some of the areas we address in counselling & therapy:

Trauma from Abuse or Other Experience | Anger Management | Anxiety & Panic | Behavioural Issues | Childhood Tragedies Depression | Separation or Divorce Recovery (for Families) | Emotional Distress | Esteem Issues | Family Issues | Grief or Loss

Marital Issues | Relationship Issues | Sexual Reproductive Health Education | Spiritual Issues | Stress Management

If you don’t see the area you desire counselling for, simply contact us here and enquired about it.

Learn the FAQs about Counselling at BLFC!





~ For Individuals, Couples (Married/Unmarried), Families
~ Ages 12+

~ Sessions are Available Online or In-Person

Our talk therapy service for both teens to adults is is an intense, client-centred approach that mirrors the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy style of counselling and seeks to help you change your thinking and your behaviour towards so that you can therefore make successful changes in your life and circumstances.

This service is specially structured to bring relief and break through in a number of difficult situations with the use of education, empowerment and wise counsel.

This Therapy Type is Available in The Following Programmes:

  1. Journey To Break Through Counselling Programme

  2. Bright Sparks In-School Counselling Programme


~For Individuals, Couples
~Ages 4+
~ Sessions are
Available In-Person Only

Our Expressive Art Therapy services for both children and adults take a non-traditional route to counselling as they integrate hands-on, practical, solution-driven, methods that will help you to effectively and positively communicate and express yourself.

You will engage in expressive art activities that help you to discover more about yourself as well as explore scripture that will help you to love and view yourself as God does.

This Therapy Type is Available in The Following Programmes:

  1. Adults Art Express Workshop Series 

  2. Bright Sparks Programme


~For Children
~Ages 4+
~ Sessions are
Available In-Person Only

Our Play Therapy services for children only also take a non-traditional route to counselling as it integrates fun and play-based activities, to help children feel at ease and as they seek to communicate and express themselves.

This Therapy Type is Available in The Following Programmes:

1. Bright Sparks Programmes


~ For Individuals (desirous of joining a group), Groups (e.g. Educational, Recreational, Religious, Corporate)
~ Ages 18+

~ Sessions are Available Online or In-Person


Group Talk Therapy offers an intimate and small group setting to adult individuals and whole groups with the aims of restoring each group participant to sound mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Our Life Groups provide an explosive combination of sound spiritual edification and guidance, along with effective therapeutic activities that create an encouraging and supportive environment for individual growth and transformation.

This Therapy Type is Available in The Following Programmes:

  1. Arubah Life Groups Programme 

  2.  Parent Tales Support Groups

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