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We delight in any opportunity to aid other businesses and community organisations in these challenging times. That is why we have specially crafted our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), that is customisable and well suited for those businesses and organisations, who put care and thought into encouraging good wellness practices among their staff/team members by catering to their therapeutic and developmental needs. Take a look below for the services we offer within this programme.

  1. Therapeutic Services - Our EAP offers individual and group therapeutic counselling services for your staff members. We also provide therapeutic intervention for on-site emergency situations.

  2. Session Facilitation Services - With our experience and expertise in a number of subject areas we welcome the opportunity to facilitate a session at your company's next workshop, seminar or expo.  

  3. Staff Training Services - We offer customizable psycho-educational training sessions for your staff or team members for improved morale and productivity in your workplace.

Each service fee is based upon the unique needs of your business/organisation. Request our EAP Information Guide below, to learn more about our offerings within this programme, and about how you can get started.