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Bright Life Family Centre (BLFC) is a faith-based private organisation established in 2015 with the primary focus of addressing a range of psycho-social, emotional and behavioural issues that many families and individuals face daily.

Our team of certified and trained professionals provides professional Therapeutic Counselling and Educational services that empower our clients and restore their hope for brighter futures. One of our ultimate aims is to help support and partner with other organisations and businesses within Barbados and abroad who share the common goal of family restoration.

Ultimately, we are geared towards helping our clients work towards positive and progressive change.


To empower and give support and hope to individuals, couples and familes by helping them work toward positive, progressive change with our therapeutic counselling and educational services.


Our goals are focused around two main social entities:

The Family System

  • To encourage positive thinking among family members during difficult situations.

  • To help improve the psychosocial state of individuals who have given up on the process of advancement.

  • To encourage the individual growth and development of family members.

  • To empower individuals to regain control of themselves in situations that are seemingly "spiralling out of control".

  • To help prevent the breakdown of family systems by offering support where needed.

  • To restore hope and help strengthen family relationships.

Social Communities

  • To encourage sustainable growth within targeted families. 


  • To enhance communities by strengthening its family units.


  • To be an agent of change in community serving businesses.


  • To help support and partner with other community based organisations and charities who also serve families.




We serve from an authentic place...

We hold fast to good moral and Godly practices in all our endeavours exercising and exemplifying these meaningful qualities and values: Love & Respect, Sincerity & Integrity, Faithfulness & Resilience, Kindness & Goodness, Empathy, Gentleness & Humility, Hopefulness & Courage, Wisdom & Self-control.



Excellence is a way of being for us...



We are professionals and strive always to give our very best and utilise our best tools and products in service. Our trained and experienced staff are committed to providing a safe, non- judgmental, non-discriminative environment where the needs of all our clients are met. We also professionally manage and respect your right to privacy and confidentiality under the national legal frameworks.




We serve our clients with integrity and dignity...


We are respectful of your human rights, dignity and accepting of the diversity of your culture and life experiences without prejudice.

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