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Parent Tales is a growing family community developed and powered by Bright Life Family Centre (BLFC), where parents in particular get to learn, share and grow with other parents, caregivers and child/family care professionals about the interesting and unpredictable journey of parenting. This community among many things utilises the major social platforms (Facebook, Instagram Pinterest, Google+, Website) to connect with and educate parent audiences in Barbados and by extension, surrounding regions.


Components of Parent Tales

The Parent Tales Family Blog


The Parent Tales Family blog reaches out to a range of family types with creative, educative, relatable and intriguing reading materials that bring entertainment, encouragement and satisfaction to our desired readers, by addressing a range of issues parents face daily. The blog specifically targets adult readers with children between the ages of 0-100 years old, i.e., new to matured parents seeking advice, answers, and enjoyment simply from the sharing of experiences, knowledge and advise from our loveable, engaging writers needed for their journey as parents.

Parents Tales Community Events


Parent Tales is also connecting with parents in Barbados and in surrounding regions through educational & training events, helping them to gain the knowledge and skills. Events such as our Parent Lounge Events (psycho- educational workshops with a fun twist), Parent Seminars & Webinars, Parent Retreats, Parent Expos and Conferences are just some of the unique avenues in which Parent Tales uses to connect with targeted parent audiences.



Besides fun practical training, our educative events all include therapeutic components and provide free accessible speed counselling services geared towards helping parents to destress and unwind as well as gain empowerment in areas they lack courage.


Live Forums

We provide all participants at our events and activities with a welcoming environment for open discussion and free sharing of ideas. We believe that we can all learn valuable lessons from each other’s experiences and can even be encouraged through the familiarity and the ability to relate to each other’s journeys as parents, caregivers and expert professionals (who work with families and children).


Resource Links

Building links and bridges is another key goal of our activities and events. Our aim is to help parents connect to the resources they need as we provide opportunities for them to access.


Take a good look at our sponsors and partners for 2018. They all caught the vision and came on board to help makethe success of our Parent Tales events and activities a reality.

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