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See the most frequently asked questions about our counselling & therapeutic services here at BLFC.

1. How are counsellors assigned to each client?

Counsellors are assigned to clients based on their areas of expertise, availability for appointments, and other factors identified as important by the client (age, gender, etc).



2. Does BLFC prescribe medicine?

We do not prescribe medications as we do not provide medical or psychiatric services.


2. Are Assessments and Testing something you do?







7. What are the opening hours?
We work according to scheduled appointments for all counselling engagements. Booking can be made between the following hours:



















All other special workshop or programme events times can be found on our events & activities calendar

8. What are the prices like for counselling?
All counselling fees vary and are based on the type of counselling service you desire to have. We work to provide the best competitive rates and the best value for all clients.

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