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Bright Life Family Centre - College Student



Open Staff Vacancies

BLFC offers a very interesting, exciting and unconventional Christian work environment that inspires productive growth and personal development of all employees. We welcome qualified, enthusiastic and hard-working professionals to apply to our open positions on our various teams. If you believe that BLFC is the right place for you then feel free to let us know. We have no open permanent positions at this time.


Open Internship Positions

We are dedicated to providing the best learning environment for students and young professionals, through the provision of work opportunities and providing a ripe environment for growth and to develop new skills and the character needed to be well-rounded professionals and individuals, properly prepared for the world and work. We will have open internship posts in 2024. The application process will officially be open then.


BLFC's Volunteer Programme

We offer opportunities for enthusiastic, hard-working individuals and small groups to gain knowledge and work experience in an encouraging environment. We also offer a rich life-changing experience to those who wish to be a part of our volunteer programme. Not only will volunteers at BLFC gain work experience and knowledge but they’ll cultivate the passion needed to pursue a relationship with God and be inspired to help others do the same.

What's in it for You?

  • Access to quarterly career and personal development seminars

  • Gain real-world work experience & skills.

We are currently restructuring our volunteer programme and we'll make sure to let you know when it has been relaunched



Help us in our continual quest to empower lives & restore hope for brighter futures.


Partner as a one-time or an annual partner, with one of our special programmes or events.

Give sponsorship for a friend, family member, or even an employee to attend any of our Therapeutic programmes or workshop events.

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