Journey To Break Through

Are your ready to journey towards your break through?

This special programme creatively combines traditional talk therapy with unconventional, therapeutic methods to provide support, tools and empowerment to individuals, couples and families who are experiencing times of great emotional distress, difficulties, or conflict and aren't coping well.

Our programme offers a minimum of 10 weekly therapy sessions with the opportunity for an extension which will help clients to make the necessary changes they need to strengthen their relationships with loved ones and unlock the doors to a joyous and fulfilling life.

Couples registered for this programme will be required to also have individual talk therapy sessions to address all issues occurring on an individual level. The same applies to individual members of families who are registered in this programme.

Our caring counsellor will work with you as you journey towards break through.


For, Individuals (10yrs+), Couples (Married & Unmarried), Families, Groups and Teams

First Sessions are 1 hour 15 mins in length and all session thereafter are 1 hour.

Cost Starts at: $140/Session and varies for each type.

Cost various per Session Type (Call to inquire.)

Dates and times are chosen via our online booking form. Sessions are by Appointment only.

Specific days and times are by Counsellor's & Clients's Availability. 10 Week Duration.