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Ms. Akilah Bishop

Counselling Psychologist & Family Counsellor

Akilah Bishop is a Registered Counselling Psychologist who has worked with a diverse clientelle over the past six years. As a counselling professional, she has a passion to assist persons to improve their mental health, and gain confidence in their ability to reach their goals and overcome future challenges.

She is passionate about functional family units and is dedicated to helping children and parents build the stepping stones to resilient relationships.

Her services as a consultant psychologist include providing counselling services to children and parents, psychosocial interventions to teenagers, workshops for teachers as well as a range of services for adults in drug or penal rehabilitation.

Akilah has worked extensively with children who exhibit behavioural and emotional challenges by providing counselling and tailored emotional regulation intervention.

She is eclectic in her therapeutic approach to counselling and uses various techniques based on her clients' needs and challenges.

(246) 265-0419

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