Suitable for: 
Time Frame: ~ 8 weeks per Season

Programme Groups: (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter)
Group Registration Fee: $200 | Location: Bright Life Family Centre




Suitable for: ~ Ages 18+
Time Frame: ~ 6 Sessions/Weeks

Programme Groups: 1
Group Registration Fee: $450 | Location: Bright Life Family Centre

The Adults Art Express (AAE) is a seasonal Workshop Series that promotes the cultivation of creativity and unique self expression through art, while enforcing positive thinking and good emotional and mental health practices. This Unique Art Workshop will be led by Veteran Artist Sherridean Skeete, owner of the Creative Art Well Studios and Tricia Hercules Director and Counselling Social Worker at Bright Life Family Centre.

AAE takes the concept of “self-expression through art” and places it within an open, inviting and relaxing therapeutic setting, to engage participants in a 6 week series of creative, exploration, discovery and transformation. Within such a setting, much introspection takes place as participants are encouraged to reflect and interact with workshop facilitators both individually and as a group to address any past or current issues that may come to light.

This upcoming series will cause participants to explore their own individual experiences with the goal of bringing resolution to any conflict(s) that may exist.  Participants will also be guided by instruction, gaining much insight and understanding into the use of visual art forms as powerful mediums to convey a message. Participants will also be given the opportunity to experiment with various visual art styles and mediums to express their creative ideas and unique expressions. Our basis for true creative expression is founded upon this Key Point: ”The essence of your creativity starts with what’s on the inside of you.








ARUBAH LIFE GROUPS (Seasonal Programme)



Suitable for: ~ Ages 18+

Time Frame: 3 Weeks/6 Sessions
Programme Groups: Various

Group Registration Fee: $400 | Location: Bright Life Family Centre

Arubah is a Hebrew word that means "restoration to sound health”. Our mission through our

Arubah Life Groups is to provide members with a sound and effective group programme that helps to bring total restoration to each members' emotional, mental and spiritual health. Each small group offers an explosive combination of sound spiritual edification and guidance, plus effective therapeutic activities that provide group members with an encouraging and supportive environment for individual growth and transformation.

Our hope is that all group participants are empowered and conclude their participation with a greater hope and purpose to continue their life journey. Our Arubah Life Groups take place in the Spring, Summer and Winter seasons of the year and are open to anyone battling with a psycho-social issue(s) (e.g. anxiety, depression and emotional distress) and are desiring change and victory over their present situation and state. This programme also makes provisions for private groups to receive private and customised group therapy sessions outside of our generally scheduled seasonal groups.













Suitable for: ~Students (Juniors to Seniors)

~Student Families ~School Staff

Time Frame: Termly Contracting

Registration Fees: According to Packages

Location: At School’s Location

Bright Sparks is an in-school professional counselling programme developed by Bright Life Family Centre to aid and assist both primary and secondary level schools in achieving their academic and child development goals by offering exceptional support, guidance and wise counsel in an incredibly wide range of needs to students, student families and school staff.

We anticipate greater engagement in school life, improvements in behaviour and enhanced learning, all to be expected results from the impact this programme will make within your institution.


Bright Sparks includes customisable packages and can offer many creative structural possibilities suitable for your school environment and school's needs. We are well aware that each school is quite unique, that being said, this programme can be easily integrated into your school's day curriculum or be executed as an extra-curricular activity and still be fully functional and effective.



Suitable for: ~ Children 4+ yrs.
 Time Frame: 9 Sessions (Customisable according to needs)

Programme Packages: N/A

Location: Bright Life Family Centre


This customisable intervention programme uses fun and therapeutic art exercises to enhance each child’s counselling experience within the programme. We take each child on a creative journey of discovery, exploration, and wise counsel, teaching them to overcome challenges and giving them the skills needed to cope in difficult situations. Your child will be encouraged to fearlessly express his/herself as they learn to love and view themselves as God created them. The CAC

Programme will help your child to:

• be more receptive to wise counsel
• boost creativity and creative thought
• cope during and after traumatic experiences

• develop emotional intelligence

• enhance their own unique way of expression

• enhance their artistic skills
• improve confidence levels
• improve esteem levels
• reduce stress levels
• relieve emotional distress
• relax in a supportive and caring environment














Suitable for: ~Couples (Young to Mature)
~Individuals (12+)

Time Frame: Minimum of 10 Sessions - Unlimited Sessions
Location: Bright Life Family Centre

This special programme creatively combines traditional counselling methods with new unconventional and spiritual methods to provide support, tools and empowerment to individuals, couples or families who are experiencing times of great emotional distress, difficulties, or conflict and aren't coping well. Our programme offers both short and long-term counselling packages that will help you to make necessary changes, strengthen your relationships with loved ones and unlock the doors to a joyous and fulfilling life. Our caring counsellor will walk with you as you journey towards break through.
















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