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Mrs. Tiffany Broomes

Human Resources Director

Tiffany Jones is a dedicated human resources and career development professional who leverages her combined areas of expertise to implement change and strengthen the link between people and policy. She is an internationally trained HR practitioner with extensive experience in the automotive, retail, distribution, finance, and banking industries. In 2013, she received a BSc in Social Work (Hons.) from The University of the West Indies and went on to pursue her MBA in Human Resources Management from Edinburgh Napier University, which she completed in 2015. Tiffany also obtained a Certificate in Law for Human Resources Practitioners, finishing at the top of her class.

Tiffany has a proven track record of success in several areas of strategic and operational human resources including employee engagement, recruitment and selection, HR information systems, training and development, total rewards, conflict management, and leave management. Her list of achievements includes enhancing the recruitment and selection process of companies, by developing systems that aid in onboarding better quality candidates and reducing turnaround time between the recruitment and selection stages. Tiffany also pioneered employee engagement initiatives that increased staff participation in company events, improved staff interaction and boosted staff morale.

In addition to her work in HR, Tiffany is a philanthropist and community leader. She has worked with several local and international charities and NGOs and is especially passionate about HIV/AIDS awareness and education. She began volunteering with the Barbados HIV Food Bank in 2009 and works with the organization on a number of activities and educational initiatives that focus on ending stigma and discrimination.

Tiffany is also a member of the Human Resource Management Association of Barbados Inc. Her hobbies include traveling, graphic design, and event planning. In her downtime, she enjoys reading, watching Lifetime movies.

(246) 264-9109

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