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Dr. Ron Hercules

Premarital, Marriage & Family Counsellor

"Ron Hercules (D.S.P., M.S.P., Cert. Ed.) is an Ordained Minister with Kingsway Fellowship International, Pastor of New Life Family Fellowship and Dean of the Caribbean Mission Bible School. He has been an educator for over 40 years, working successfully with pre-adolescent, adolescent, young and mature adults in a variety of settings that include, domestic, school, and the Church.

As a Doctor of Scriptural Psychology or Christian Counselling, Dr. Ron is trained and experienced in helping many persons through critical life stages and challenges, such as, Pre-marriage, Marriage, Crisis, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Grief, and Anxiety and Stress.

His 30+ years of experience as a teacher of Communication Skills has enabled him to develop skills and techniques, through which many hundreds have been equipped with vital skills for enhancing their personal and professional relationships.

Dr. Hercules loves to read and study the bible; enjoys listening to gospel music and loves interacting with and meeting new people. He has been married for 40 years and has two beautiful daughters."

(246) 833-9764

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