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Bright Life Family Centre - Interns

We are dedicated to providing the best learning environment for students and young professionals, through the provision of work opportunities and providing a ripe environment for growth, developing new skills and developing the character needed to be well-rounded professional individuals; properly prepared for the world and work.

Our counselling department is looking for a suitable candidate to fill our annual post of Counselling Intern.

We're looking for a caring and professional individual who:


  • has completed a first degree in Social Work, Counselling or Psychology or similar field.

  • is able to commit to the position for 6 months ( 3 to 4 days a week) - March 2020 to August 2020.

  • has a passion for the empowerment and development of individuals and families

  • is patient, empathetic and a great team player

  • has strong time management skills & organizational skills

  • is self-motivated, and an overall problem solver

  • has knowledge of therapeutic & psycho-educational interventions for individual casework and group work.

  • is an active believer in God (we are a faith based organisation)


If this sounds like you, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

Internship Duties & Highlights:

- Intern will assist with the planning and execution of counselling sessions that help our clients through a range of challenging situations.

- Intern will assist counselling team with administrative tasks
- intern will learn and sharpen counselling skills with supervised client interaction
- Intern will be able to make application of theoretical knowledge while engaging in direct casework.

- Intern will assist with conducting client assessments

- Intern will learn how to put into pratice the code of ethics during the counselling process in both individual and group counselling

- Intern will gain practice in maintaining case documentation and files.
- Intern will be assigned to and gain experience in a number of our key diverse therapeutic Programmes during their time at BLFC.

- This internship will offer a weekly stipend. 

How to Apply:


1) Fill out and submit our application form below by February 16th 2020, Midnight. It's That Simple!

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