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Bright Life Family Centre

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 Summer Programme 


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Monday to Friday 
8:30am - 3:30pm

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6yrs - 10yrs

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Summer 2024


Coming Soon!

Image by Taylor Heery

5. How can I register and secure my child's spot?

Registration is not as yet open for Summer 2024's programme. However signup for our waitlist and be one of the first to know about when we begin!

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With the BSCA Programme we're providing a safe and fun space for your child to learn Emotional Intelligence and express themselves through the creative arts & movement activities with peers.

Learn more about this awesome summer programme below!

This programme will teach your child our simple step-by-step activity called "ID-ME"© to help them properly navigate through any overwhelmingly emotional situation, and find the best way(s) to convey his/her feelings.

This Activity has four (4) steps:
Step 1 - Identify the emotion(s)

Step 2 - Describe the emotion(s)

Step 3 - Manage the emotion(s)

Step 4 -  Express the emotion(s)

"ID-ME"© offers children a simple way to manage their emotions

and themselves while initiating conscious thought and conscious

processing of their emotions.


The well known "think - feel - act" process is important in the way an individual manages and expresses themselves. Every action begins with a thought and every thought prompts an emotion or feeling. Therefore, as your child gradually gains control of their thoughts, their feelings and their actions, he/she will, in turn, improve their Emotional Intelligence (EI).

1. What really is Emotional Intelligence (EI) and why is it so important for my child?

Emotional intelligence would be your child's ability to identify, evaluate, control and express their own emotions. The higher level of emotional intelligence your child has, makes them more capable of identifying and solving challenges, communicating with others and making decisions.

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2. What are the Benefits of improving EI in my child?

Over time as your child gains higher levels of emotional intelligence he/she will: 

  • Develop higher confidence levels

  • Gain a boost in self-motivation

  • Gain a boost in their self-esteem

  • Develop effective communication skills 

  • Become more self-aware

  • Gain the abilities to empathise

  • Improve their decision-making skills

  • Improve their ability to develop relationships

  • Gain the abilities to process feelings​

​3. How can the BSCA Programme benefit my child?

That's a great question! Once enrolled, your child will experience 5 weeks of interactive fun sessions all geared at improving your child's self-awareness and emotional wellbeing. Most importantly, your child will gain knowledge under the following subject areas:

  • How to positively manage and express oneself in a safe and fun environment.

  • How to effectively manage difficult and strong emotions.

  • Ways of coping with emotional distress(s).

  • Ways to cope in a ​stressful environment.

Your child will also learn skills and knowledge in various art forms.

​4. What types of activities will my child be involved in while

enrolled in the BSCAP?

That's another great question! Our programme was crafted by highly qualified Psychosocial Professionals & Creative Arts Professionals. Creative Arts sessions will be led by trained creative arts professionals who have a love and passion for their art. Their training and experience will guarantee your child a thoroughly fun and valuable experience for the duration of the 8 weeks.

Materials for all sessions will be provided. Sessions will include:

  • Fine Arts & Crafts

  • Dance Arts

  • Theatre Arts 

  • Music & Rythm

  • Stretch Activities

  • Mindfulness Activities

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